Custom Jacket (Part I) – The Spikes

Today I’m bringing you a very fashion idea for your wardrobe: how to add spikes to everything you find! – I just tried it in my periapt denim jacket and the results were just amazing!
Spikes are definitely in, so get some of them from eBay and start with this easy tutorial!
spikes custom jacket

What you need:
-Spikes (Have a look here for cheap spikes )
-Scissors (The smaller, the better)
-Screwdriver (Look for one that fits on the back part of the spikes)
-Measuring tape / rule

How to do it:
-Using the tape, mark with the pen the points where you want the spikes.
-Take the back part of a spike, and press it against the first mark (from under the cloth). Then, using the scissors, make a tiny cut just where the mark is. Be careful and try not to make it too big!
-Press the screw and make it pass through the hole.
-Screw the spike in with your hands,  then use the screwdriver.
-Repeat all the steps until all your clothes look like ACDC’s!.

See? It’s easy and it looks amazing! Yo definitely MUST do it!